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A Pinebrook Pool for 2022

Over the last four months, the Pinebrook Pool Committee has been working to bring a new non-profit membership-based pool facility to Pinebrook to be built on a parcel of land adjacent to Pinebrook Park. Because the pool facility cannot be built with homeowner association funds, it must be member funded and can only be built if there is enough interest (ideally 200 Pinebrook households).  During the week of December 14th all homeowners within our homeowner association should receive a postcard in their mailbox with information on the project. The postcard provides some basic information, and more details, including information on how to become a member, can be found at the pool website at  There will be virtual information sessions on January 12th and 14th (see details on the pool website). Signed membership agreements and deposits need to be submitted by January 31st, and initial memberships will be limited to the first 200 received.  A waitlist will be established if more than 200 signed membership agreements are received.  Please send any questions to after reviewing the pool website.  

Planned Control Burn of Slash Piles in Summit Park Open Space:


Public Notice-

Planned Control Burn of Slash Piles in Summit Park Open Space: 

Under the direction of the Summit County Fire Warden and Alpine Forestry, Basin Recreation has scheduled a control burn in Summit Park Open Space starting Monday, December 14 through Friday, December 18.  Burning operations strictly conform to all required county permitting, ideal weather conditions and air quality regulations to ensure public and resource safety. Piles will be burned promoting District forest health and fuel reduction goals.  The area will remain open during burning. Contact with any questions.

Pinebrook Master Association Fall Chipping

(for tree limbs and brush only)

This year Pinebrook will be holding a fall chipping weekend.  Members of Pinebrook Master Association (that includes everyone that is a member of the Pinebrook Homeowners Association) may bring remaining tree limbs (eight inches in diameter maximum) from their property to Pinebrook Park for chipping:

   Friday October 9th: noon to 5pm

   Saturday October 10th: 9am to 5pm

   Sunday October 11th: 9am to noon

Dumpsters will NOT be provided as part of the chipping program  and none of the following items will be accepted:  building materials, metal, stumps with dirt or debris, weeds or grass clippings. 

Chips from this event will be available for pickup during the hours above.

The parking lot will be closed after hours on Friday October 9th and Saturday October 10th.

Planned Control Burn of Slash Piles in Toll Canyon Open Space

Under the direction of the Summit County Fire Warden and Alpine Forestry, Basin Recreation has scheduled a control burn in Toll Canyon Open Space starting Wednesday, November 11 through Friday, November 13.  Burning operations strictly conform to all required county permitting, ideal weather conditions and air quality regulations to ensure safety. In total, one hundred sixty-six (166) slash piles will be burned, promoting forest health and fuel reduction goals.  The area will remain open during burning.

Fire Safety Update

The Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee (PFSC) has been very busy this year.  The PFSC’s accomplishments so far in 2020:

  • Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan finalized and filed with the state government
  • Firewise USA application filed to obtain Firewise certification for Pinebrook
  • Professional foresters presently working to create fire breaks and reduce fuel on ten acres of Pinebrook Master Association and Pinebrook Homeowners Association open space
  • Four fire safety volunteer days held to reduce fuel on Pinecrest Drive, Canyon Drive and Canyon Drive Court
  • One community-wide education event held
  • Evacuation planning and communication discussions with Summit County and local fire officials in progress

To learn more about the PFSC’s activities and plans, visit:

To join the fire safety email list and receive communications about the PFSC's activities including its volunteer and education events, or to contact the committee with any questions or concerns, please email:

Pinebrook Private Trails, Open Space and Parking Issues

The majority of the natural surface trails, parks, trailhead parking areas and open space in the Pinebrook development are private, for the exclusive use of Pinebrook Master Association (PMA) members.  We are experiencing an increase in the public (non PMA members) parking in our private parks and trailhead parking areas, and trespassing on our private trails and open space.  We believe that the increased use of our private trails by the public is due to: (1) information posted on the Internet and in smartphone apps that either classifies our private trails as public, or makes no distinction, leaving interpretation to the users – we request corrections whenever we identify these issues; (2) Park City area residents (non PMA members) who think they are allowed to use the trails because they have friends who are PMA members - we have been educating these trail users that they are trespassing on private property unless they are accompanied by their resident friend; (3) the general increase in trail use during COVID-19 and recent parking restrictions that have been implemented in Summit Park and Sun Peak due to congestion at their trailheads; (4) the online posting and use of Pinebrook crags for rock climbing by non PMA members, and their creation of a renegade access trail from Canyon Drive; and (5) poor public access to Hunters Trail of Mid Mountain resulting in Pinebrook trails and parking being used by the public - Basin Recreation in partnership with the PMA Trails Committee are addressing this issue with trail realignments and new construction.

The PMA has volunteers posting flyers on vehicles parked in or adjacent to our trailheads and parks, and the volunteers are interacting with the trail users to help educate them.  The issuance of parking stickers to PMA members has been discussed, however, the PMA has not yet decided to implement this method, since Summit County allows parking along the shoulder of the road near our private trails.  The PMA plans to add additional signage that clarifies that all trails with a Pinebrook Master Association logo are private trails to which Summit County Ordinance 710 applies.

A Pool for Pinebrook

A committee has been formed to re-explore the viability of building a membership based non-profit pool club for Pinebrook Master Association members on land adjacent to the Pinebrook Park. Whether you previously placed a deposit to indicate your household’s serious interest in joining the pool, you are new to Pinebrook and want to learn more, or you would like to assist the committee with this initiative, please contact the committee at Please look for additional information from the committee in the near future. 

Home Fire Inspection Program

The Park City Fire District has announced a Wildland Structure Inspection Program, designed to give homeowners one-on-one training at their home to assess their structures and determine what actions are needed to increase the safety of their home in the event of a wildfire.  The service is free and available on a first come-first served basis.  The approximately one hour inspection will include a detailed assessment of the home, the landscaping, and any outbuildings.  At the end of the assessment the homeowner will have a detailed list of items that can be addressed to help protect the home in the event of a wildfire and a personalized evacuation plan.  Visit the Fire District’s website at to register for the service. 

Separately, we encourage all members of the Pinebrook community to stay informed about our Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee’s initiatives. If you aren’t already on that email distribution list, please send an email to and you will be added.

Visiting Parks and Rec Facilities During Coronavirus

We want to keep all Pinebrook residents healthy. As you visit our parks, please follow the guidelines from the CDC:

General CDC Coronavirus Guidelines

Calling for Pinebrook Volunteers for Fire Safety Event

We need Pinebrook Volunteers for a Fire Safety Event on Sat June 6th from 9am to 1pm  

The Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee’s first volunteer event of 2020 will be on the morning of Saturday June 6th. There are a number of downed trees and large dead trees street-side on Pinebrook Master Association property on Pinecrest Drive (between the homes at 7083 and 7089). Bring your chainsaw or your branch cutters, come help move the cut logs and branches, or come photograph the event for us. Free firewood will be made available to the community for pickup after the event.  Please join us for any part of the four hour window.  Social distancing will be observed.  Please send any questions to"

Master Association Members