Opportunity for HOA members to get assistance with weed control.

Dear Summit County Land Owner,

The Summit Cooperative Weed Management Area (Summit County CWMA) in cooperation with the Summit County, Park City, and Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District, have been awarded two competitive grants from the Utah State Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) to map and treat three class 1B state noxious weeds: diffuse knapweed, garlic mustard and yellow starthistle and two class 2 state noxious weeds: Russian knapweed and spotted knapweed.

Please help us contain the spread of these high priority invasive plants by participating in this area wide management effort. If you have any of these noxious weeds on your property and would like to have your property treated free of charge by licensed contractors, sign up via the link below and:

  • Sign and submit this consent form by May 31, 2020 to get on the schedule early. Submissions after May 31th will also be considered but may not be treated in the first rounds of treatments.
  • Please submit a separate consent for each lot you own. 
  • Learn how to identify these five noxious weeds both as a rosette and when in flower (see attached fact sheet).
  • Pull any flowering garlic mustard plants prior to free herbicide treatment of rosettes.
  • Monitor, pull, and bag or treat with herbicide any missed or newly germinated plants 2-3 weeks after treatment and throughout the growing season (May to November). Infested areas must be monitored for a period of 10 years to deplete the seed source.Please note: If garlic mustard and/or spotted knapweed are growing in ornamental or landscaped areas, you must control these yourself as the contractor will not treat these areas.
  • Educate and promote control of these weeds with neighbors and community groups;
  • Agree to allow a contractor to enter your property to treat these weed infestations using a selective herbicide free of charge;

Your personal information will not be shared.

For more information please visit

Summit County Weed Divison

**Special Note** Funding is limited and priority for treatment will be given first to open space and public properties, private properties adjacent or connected to open space and public properties by recreational or wild game trails. Once these properties are treated, treatment will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Please also note, you are receiving this letter because your area has been designated as a high priority for control of these noxious weeds. Treatment of garlic mustard will occur spring to early summer and again in the fall of 2020. Knapweeds and yellow starthistle will be treated midsummer through fall of 2020.

A professional licensed weed contractor will be in your neighborhood this spring and fall to both map and treat these noxious weeds with the appropriate herbicide. If you wish to be notified with a more specific treatment timeframe, are a beekeeper or have an autoimmune condition, Please contact Sara Jo Dickens at jo@ecologybridge.com.

**In light of the current COVID 19 situation, contractors will not come to your door to check in, instead, we will post treatment areas weekly on our Facebook page (Summit CWMA UT). The contractors will use darker temporary blue dies to show where they have sprayed and place a neo-green lawn flag in your front yard.