Thank You, Speaker Videos, and Scavenger Hunt Reminder

The Fire Safety Committee wishes to thank everyone who came to our event last Saturday. Lots of great information was shared, new connections were made, and tasty food was had! Videos of our speakers are now available to view!

First Hand Wildfire Account – The experience of a wildfire evacuee that lost her home to wildfire and her lessons learned – Melissa Marsted, Pinebrook resident

Emergency Communications – What you need to know – Kathryn McMullin, Summit County Emergency Management

Parleys Canyon Fire – A firsthand account and some lessons learned – Brad Washa, Utah Bureau of Land Management State Fuels Specialist (retired)

Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds – What we all should want to know – Sara Jo Dickens, PhD, Owner and Principal Ecologist at Ecology Bridge LLC

And…The Scavenger Hunt Continues!

We raffled prizes at the event on Saturday 5/7 for everyone that submitted a completed Scavenger Hunt checklist.  We are doing a second raffle at the end of May for anyone that submits a completed Scavenger Hunt checklist by 5pm on May 31st by email to (please just scan or take a photo or your completed checklist and send to us).  We are hoping that community members that didn’t have time to participate by 5/7 will find time to participate during May.  

The remaining prizes include:  

  1. Chubasco $25 gift certificate
  2. Fresh Market $50 gift certificate
  3. Woodward t-shirt and beanie
  4. Woodward All-Day Pass
  5. Wonderful local restaurant $50 gift card (3)
  6. Athletic Republic – one week of free training
  7. Backcountry $100 gift card

Please contact the Committee at if you have questions or wish to be added to our email list.

Again, if you haven’t completed your Scavenger Hunt make sure to do so, and thanks for helping make our event the success it was!