Fire Safety Meeting Recording Available

Tuesday’s Fire Safety Committee Community Meeting was a great success, with a number of speakers offering information on initiatives and resources with which Pinebrook is engaging and from which it’s benefiting. A recording of the Tuesday, November 30th Fire Safety Committee Community Meeting is available, offering a review of:

Too, the PMA Fire Safety web page has been updated, with a number of the resources presented at Tuesday’s meeting available there.

Many thanks to the speakers and the members of our community who took the time to attend and learn more about what it takes to make our homes and neighborhood more fire safe.

Fire Mitigation / Pile Burning

Please be aware that sometime between now and the end of this year, Pinebrook Master Association expects to undertake fire risk mitigation project work on PMA owned property near Buckboard Circle, Buckboard Drive and Sunridge Drive.  Specifically, local forestry experts Alpine Forestry will burn approximately 65 fuel piles built in 2020.  This work will begin when an approved “burn window” exists after all state and local approvals have been obtained.  Substantially all work is expected to be completed in a single day but some smoldering may linger for an additional day or so.  The actual date that burning will take place will be determined on very short notice but will be posted here as soon as we know.  If you have any questions, please email the Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee:

PMA Board Meeting

The Pinebrook Master Association Board Meeting is scheduled for November 11th at the Gorgoza Water Company Building. Due to a full agenda and time constraints, discussion on trails and parking passes will not be possible. If you wish to discuss these matters please make time for the scheduled Pinebrook Trails Zoom meeting scheduled for November 18th at 7:00 p.m.,


It’s no mystery that Utah is in extreme drought and experiencing the hottest temperatures on record. Pinebrook is fortunate to be serviced by Gorgoza Mutual Water Company, which is arguably one of the best water distribution systems in the State of Utah. While their system is exceptional, it is ultimately up to the shareholders to use their water wisely:

  1. Reduce your usage inside and outside your home: Water use triples between winter months and summer months, and the vast majority of that increase is simply to keep turf grass green. It’s ok if your grass browns a bit, and doing so will save a significant amount of water every month. Maintenance staff for the Ecker Hill Park and Pickleball Park (PHOA properties), have been instructed to cut water use to the point of browning this summer.
  2. Watering Schedule: Gorgoza is advising watering no more than three days a week: EVEN addresses Monday, Wednesday and Friday and ODD addresses Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. NO WATERING ON SUNDAY. Water only at night or early morning and never during the day. Gorgoza reserves the right to implement further mandatory restrictions as the summer progresses. Gorgoza is monitoring individual usage through their AMI system and shareholders will be notified of high usage and/or potential leaks. Fines may be issued for uncontrolled and excessive water use.
  3. Spring Water Sales: The purchaser has been notified that deliveries will be restricted. For those of you wondering about the quantity of spring water being delivered; the amount of water used by Gorgoza Water Company shareholders in 24 hours during the summer is approximately the same quantity of spring water delivered in two months. On an annual basis, spring water sales are only a fraction of the total production of Gorgoza’s system. However, the revenue generated is about seven times the class A shareholder rate and has funded infrastructure improvements for the past several year as well as the newly implemented AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) System.
  4. WaterSmart: Please sign up for the WaterSmart app to monitor your water usage in real-time. It’s easy, free and has features that’ll help you detect leaks and reduce water usage which will also reduce your monthly water assessment. For more information and to sign up please follow this link:

It’s going to be another long, hot summer so it is important that everyone does their part. Thank you for your cooperation!

Pinebrook Trails Update

If you live in one of the Pinebrook Master Association communities, you have hopefully received the latest trails newsletter in your mailbox.

Last year the Trails Preservation Subcommittee (TPS) of the Pinebrook Master Association (PMA) Trail Committee was formed in response to growing complaints from residents about the dramatic increase in use (and abuse) of Pinebrook’s private trails and private parking areas by hikers, dog walkers, and mountain bike riders who don’t live in Pinebrook and are not guests of Pinebrook residents. 

To read more, or if you did not receive the printed trails newsletter, here is a digital version.

Planned Control Burn of Slash Piles in Summit Park Open Space:


Public Notice-

Planned Control Burn of Slash Piles in Summit Park Open Space: 

Under the direction of the Summit County Fire Warden and Alpine Forestry, Basin Recreation has scheduled a control burn in Summit Park Open Space starting Monday, December 14 through Friday, December 18.  Burning operations strictly conform to all required county permitting, ideal weather conditions and air quality regulations to ensure public and resource safety. Piles will be burned promoting District forest health and fuel reduction goals.  The area will remain open during burning. Contact with any questions.

Planned Control Burn of Slash Piles in Toll Canyon Open Space

Under the direction of the Summit County Fire Warden and Alpine Forestry, Basin Recreation has scheduled a control burn in Toll Canyon Open Space starting Wednesday, November 11 through Friday, November 13.  Burning operations strictly conform to all required county permitting, ideal weather conditions and air quality regulations to ensure safety. In total, one hundred sixty-six (166) slash piles will be burned, promoting forest health and fuel reduction goals.  The area will remain open during burning.

Fire Safety Update

The Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee (PFSC) has been very busy this year.  The PFSC’s accomplishments so far in 2020:

  • Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan finalized and filed with the state government
  • Firewise USA application filed to obtain Firewise certification for Pinebrook
  • Professional foresters presently working to create fire breaks and reduce fuel on ten acres of Pinebrook Master Association and Pinebrook Homeowners Association open space
  • Four fire safety volunteer days held to reduce fuel on Pinecrest Drive, Canyon Drive and Canyon Drive Court
  • One community-wide education event held
  • Evacuation planning and communication discussions with Summit County and local fire officials in progress

To learn more about the PFSC’s activities and plans, visit:

To join the fire safety email list and receive communications about the PFSC’s activities including its volunteer and education events, or to contact the committee with any questions or concerns, please email:

Pinebrook Private Trails, Open Space and Parking Issues

The majority of the natural surface trails, parks, trailhead parking areas and open space in the Pinebrook development are private, for the exclusive use of Pinebrook Master Association (PMA) members.  We are experiencing an increase in the public (non PMA members) parking in our private parks and trailhead parking areas, and trespassing on our private trails and open space.  We believe that the increased use of our private trails by the public is due to: (1) information posted on the Internet and in smartphone apps that either classifies our private trails as public, or makes no distinction, leaving interpretation to the users – we request corrections whenever we identify these issues; (2) Park City area residents (non PMA members) who think they are allowed to use the trails because they have friends who are PMA memberswe have been educating these trail users that they are trespassing on private property unless they are accompanied by their resident friend; (3) the general increase in trail use during COVID-19 and recent parking restrictions that have been implemented in Summit Park and Sun Peak due to congestion at their trailheads; (4) the online posting and use of Pinebrook crags for rock climbing by non PMA members, and their creation of a renegade access trail from Canyon Drive; and (5) poor public access to Hunters Trail of Mid Mountain resulting in Pinebrook trails and parking being used by the public – Basin Recreation in partnership with the PMA Trails Committee are addressing this issue with trail realignments and new construction.

The PMA has volunteers posting flyers on vehicles parked in or adjacent to our trailheads and parks, and the volunteers are interacting with the trail users to help educate them.  The issuance of parking stickers to PMA members has been discussed, however, the PMA has not yet decided to implement this method, since Summit County allows parking along the shoulder of the road near our private trails.  The PMA plans to add additional signage that clarifies that all trails with a Pinebrook Master Association logo are private trails to which Summit County Ordinance 710 applies.